Born 4.4.1945 in Baghdad, Iraq.

The family immigrated to Israel in 1950. She grew up in Jerusalem.

Joined kibbutz Gesher HaZiv in 1963

Graduate of Haifa University in the fields of geography and Bible teaching certificate for elementary schools.

She studied art in various frameworks in Israel and abroad:

Drawing and painting at the High School of Painting in Tel Aviv, and Ceramics in New York.

She taught art at the regional school "Sulam Tzur" and occupied several lead roles on the kibbutz such as head of Education, culture and management as the kibbutz secretary. She also filled regional public roles such as: Head of the Immigration Center of the Northern Region, -

Worked in Ukraine with the Jewish Community,-

- Social Welfare adviser of Kibbutz Ravid,

- Worked with drug addicts.


Environmental sculpture works of hers are exhibited throughout kibbutz Gesher Haziv, at the "Sulam Tzur" School, in Mate Asher Regional Council, for the purpose of military industry, Also in "Rambam" Medical Center, Western Galilee Medical Center, Bnei Zion" Medical Center, and in private collections."


Today she manages and directs a ceramic workshop at Gesher HaZiv   and works in ceramic sculpture and painting.

Zmira Lapidot

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