Miri Eitan Sadeh is a painter that resides in Herzeliya (Israel). She began to create her paintings about a decade ago, following a long and prominent career as an entrepreneur in the high-tech industry. As a woman that held an executive position in a male dominant environment, part of her agenda is to help promote women integration into management positions in general and particularly in the high-tech industry. Today she strives to convey this message through her current startup-painting. Her work is characterized by a highly rich and expressive use of color schemes. Her paintings embrace the sense of complete totality, and express the same completeness and balance of emotions and life experience that Miri herself possesses. She uses them as a platform to pass through her intricate message and feminist agenda that fit into her unusual life story.

Her work:

Miri's art work impacts the viewer with sudden burst, ruthlessly attacking the visual sphere with no warning, sinking into his consciousness, tantalizing and expanding the aesthetic perception. Her saturated colorful paintings are devoid of all laws and mannerisms. They throw the viewers into a new and unprecedented experience, inviting them to linger in a new pictorial sphere. Eitan Sadeh's visual world is compiled of many parallel stories and styles of painting. They are all accompanied by a voluptuous energy and creativity that stays true to the heritage of Matisse's view of art as a "comfortable chair" that enriches the viewer's world. Her paintings savor the rich materials that compose them and carry us away towards a timeless journey, incorporating past present, and future.

Eitan Sadeh's works are vibrant, humorous, fresh and passionate. Through color she strives to communicate with the world and touch as many people as she possibly can.  

Miri Eitan Sadeh

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