• Michal Rotman Laor's works of art is full of colors multifaceted and multi – styled.

  • She delves into paintings which converses with Western traditions of the past, extracting therefrom a set of visual messages pertaining to our times. The contents of her painting project on the current mindsets. For the most part, however, her work does not aspire to prove something, to make a claim, or cast doubt. It is immersed in the realms of personal expression and is reluctant to take a decisive stand in the tangle of intra-painterly dialectics.

  • The hectic field of painting in Michal Rotman Laor's works of art is full of  colors multifaceted and multi – styled. In her present exhibition Michal chooses to fly with emotions, experience and with her subconscious, towards the canvas surface. It  doesn't just cover the surface with pigment, or the basic need for direct experiment, but it  also defies intellectual excess, which is so prevalent in visual culture and is also a counter reaction to the overexposure  to technology and the visual flood of screen-images which offer no more than a sterile, synthetic experience.

  •  In each painting there is a figurative point of view. Israeli landscapes are used as models in her work. We also find mental and remembrance landscapes, which project mindsets on the canvas and unify the images grouped in the paintings.

  • The lines and colors which move rhythmically, blur the differences between the opposite signs, and confront them. The soft lines of the organic entity are confronted by the geometric and rigid  lines of the components that build the

  •  Composition.

  •  The painting can be political but Michal feels that our world is full of political ideas and the mass-media gives an overdose of it any way. So, she has found her unique way, and her work invites the viewer to share a new experience, have a conversation with his or her eyes, which may even lead to a discussion or a debate.

Michal Rotman Laor

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