"My surroundings are full of contradictions – be them political, cultural, or purely aesthetic. For me art is an act of freedom and individualism, imagination, exploration, a world of my own but also an opportunity to connect. Images are universal and the human experience is eventually moments we remember. We feel pain. We seek love, and we create art."

Born in 1986 on kibbutz Neot Mordechai. Graduated from Oranim college with a degree in art and education. Living and working as a freelancer in the northern part of the country she is the first artist who started working with Elbaz studio as a painter, moving on to manage the art studio and operate as the lead curator for the three rivers art project association. "Having the opportunity to contribute to the process of this amazing project, and seeing it come together from the very beginning l can appreciate the unique significance it has in the art world today."

Doron Adorian Paint

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